Our Story

In 2011 TEACH-NOW was born from a question: What do teachers themselves say are the ways in which they learn best and what they need to be successful in the classroom? Taking teachers’ answers to this question, TEACH-NOW’s creators went back to the drawing board and built a teacher preparation program from the ground up, where candidates learn by doing and through dynamic collaboration with their colleagues.

Since TEACH-NOW launched its first cohort on the kitchen table of founder, Dr. Emily Feistritzer, in March of 2013, it has grown in response to global demand, having enrolled more than 4,000 candidates located in 130 countries as of January 2020. Along the way, we’ve never lost sight of providing a program to candidates that is rigorous, credible, and most importantly, effective. We strive to deliver the best teacher preparation program on the planet, period.

Our Mission

At TEACH-NOW our mission is to prepare tomorrow’s teachers for tomorrow’s students in tomorrow’s learning world. This means giving teachers the skills and knowledge to be resourceful problem solvers and tech-savvy educators in increasingly diverse classrooms. In an evolving education environment, you will champion the changing role of a teacher from a dispenser of knowledge to a resource-rich facilitator.

Our aim is to equip, enable, and empower teachers to go into any learning environment anywhere in the world and diagnose where each learner they are responsible for is coming from and be able to design and implement learning experiences to ensure that every student learns, grows, and develops.

Trained to select and use next-generation tools and technology, you will learn to create an active, collaborative learning model for your students and effectively manage the learning environment in which formal education occurs.

Our Method

Our delivery model is unique.

All coursework is delivered virtually in weekly sessions with a cohort of 10 - 15 candidates and an instructor. Being a part of a learning cohort is a powerful experience. Members of a cohort collaborate together on projects, provide feedback and critiques of each other’s work, help motivate one other, and become a community of learners from all over the world.

You will learn by doing.

From the very first session everything you learn you will be applied directly to your work as a teacher. At no point is any of the material theoretical. What you learn, you do, and in the process adapt the techniques, skills, and knowledge gained to your own teaching context.

We are here for You.

From technical and academic support as you go through the program, to helping guide you through the teaching license application process after graduating, our staff is here to help you succeed.

Our Credentials

The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation is the principal accrediting body for schools of education in the United States. We remain the only online program they have accredited.
The Distance Education Accrediting Commission reviews and accredits any type of program that is principally delivered online. DEAC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as a recognized accrediting agency.
The National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements authorizes program providers to operate across state lines.
The Office of the State Superintendent for Education reviews and approves all programs operating in Washington, DC and leading to a teaching license.
The Arizona Department of Education reviews and approves all programs operating in Arizona and leading to a teaching license.
The Veterans Administration reviews and approves all programs that are authorized to receive GI Bill benefits.

Our Team

Leadership and vision are critical to the success of TEACH-NOW.

Meet the team that created TEACH-NOW and continues to create new ways to deliver world-class teacher preparation online.

Our Partners

The TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education enjoys partnerships with a
variety of organizations that are all focused on providing quality teacher
education to their members.