Master’s in Educational Leadership

TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education offers an affordable, flexibile pathway for people anywhere in the world to take the next step in the education career.

  • Candidates need at least two years of teaching experience (some states may require more)
  • An administrative internship is integrated throughout the 12-month Master’s program
  • 36 credit hour program
  • Full payment of $13,000 or $1,000 to start and 12 monthly payments of $1,000
  • No GRE admissions requirement

Employment of elementary, middle, and high school principals is projected to grow 4 percent from 2018 to 2028, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

If you have any questions about continuing your studies with TEACH-NOW, email us or call us at (844) 283-2246.

This twelve-month program is designed for candidates who wish to become a Principal, Head of School, Assistant Principal, or other administrative school leader anywhere in the world. The curriculum incorporates the Professional Standards for Education Leaders (PSEL) and a six-month internship in school administration.

Candidates will learn about day-to-day school operations, management and compliance, strategic planning, budgeting, and scheduling. They will delve deeper into how to develop and encourage school-wide student learning and achievement, hire, train and mentor teachers, as well as assess risks, plan for emergencies, and develop a school improvement plan for the community in which they live.

This program does not include teacher certification coursework.