The TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education program philosophy is to “learn in the way you plan to teach.” In keeping with this philosophy, TEACH-NOW utilizes a state-of-the-art curriculum for the education of post-baccalaureate candidates who are grounded in subject matter and have a passion for teaching tomorrow’s students in tomorrow’s learning world. The whole experience is virtual and includes a 12-week clinical experience, where appropriate.

The Process

Apply to a Program

The first step in the process is to apply for admission to a program on our website. You can join the 9-month teacher certification program or one of several 12-month master’s degree programs. Connect with our ADMISSIONS team to learn more.

Join a Cohort

Once admitted into a program you will need to join a cohort. Your cohort is the group of people you will be going through the entire program with, from start to finish. These are the colleagues with whom you will be building your learning community.

Go Through the Program

Expect to be challenged. You will develop the skills of a master educator while learning to integrate a myriad of technological tools into your teaching practice. By the end, you will be fully confident in your ability to embrace the challenges of the modern classroom.

Get Your License

After completing the TEACH-NOW program, you can apply for a teaching license. TEACH-NOW is a state approved Educator Preparation Program in Washington D.C. and Arizona. To find out more details on how applying for a teaching license works, go to our TEACHER LICENSING page.

Experience the Benefits

Join the thousands of TEACH-NOW grads who have achieved their professional goals and enhanced their careers. Gain a community of passionate and dedicated educators. See the impact your new knowledge and skills have in your classroom and for your student’s learning.