Refund Policy

While we prefer that all requests for cancellation of the Enrollment Agreement be emailed to, we will accept notification of cancellation in any manner (email, telephone, postal mail, in-person, etc.). Candidates who wish to terminate the Agreement and cancel their enrollment within 5 calendar days of signing the Enrollment Agreement will receive a full refund of any tuition paid.

If TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education cancels the Agreement prior to the start of the first virtual class, candidates will receive a full refund. Candidates who withdraw after 5 calendar days of signing the Enrollment Agreement but prior to starting the first virtual class, will receive a full refund less the $200 registration fee.

Any money due a student under this Refund Policy will be refunded within 30 days of a cancellation request.

When a candidate cancels after completing at least one lesson assignment but less than 50 percent of the program, TEACH-NOW will retain the one-time registration fee of $200, plus a percentage of tuition in accordance with the following schedule:

Percentage Completed by Candidate Percetange of Tuition Refunded (Minus Registration Fee)
Up to 10% 90%
10% - 25% 75%
25% - 50% 50%
50% - 100% 0%

For purposes of this Refund Policy, TEACH-NOW Graduate School measures percentage completed by counting all credit hours in modules that have been started, even if not completed, as credit hours that have been completed, because once a student begins a module, he or she has access to all of the materials in the module.

There is no refund after a student has completed 50% of his or her program. In other words, no refund will be provided if a student has entered Module 5 of the TEACH-NOW Certificate Program, Module 9 of the Master’s in Education Degree in Globalization & Education Research, or Module 8 of the Master’s in Education Degree with Teacher Preparation.

Students who opt to pay tuition over time may owe money after withdrawal, depending on how much they have paid and the amount due under the refund policy.

Refund Example

If a student who is enrolled in the TEACH-NOW Certificate Program withdraws in the middle of Module 2, the student will be refunded 75% of tuition, minus the registration fee, and TEACH-NOW will retain 25% of tuition plus the registration fee. For example, if the program tuition is $6,000, the student will be refunded $4,300. If a student has received a discount on tuition, the refund policy will be based on the discounted tuition rate.