Teacher Licensing

Whether you are an experienced teacher or just starting out, a teaching license is an important step for many educators’ careers. Learn how TEACH-NOW can set you on the path to licensure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a real teaching certificate?


To be clear, no preparation program can grant a teaching certificate directly. Every state reviews its own certification applications according to its own requirements.

TEACH-NOW is a state-approved, accredited teacher preparation program and leads to full, renewable teaching licenses, not temporary or alternative licenses.

Do I need anything to get started?

You'll need a Bachelor's degree with a 3.0 GPA or equivalent.

You can review the rest of our Admissions Requirements here or you can sign up for a free, regularly-scheduled information session.

I don't have a minimum GPA of 3.0. What are my options?

In lieu of a 3.0 GPA, applicants may qualify for acceptance through proven work experience.

Please contact Admissions for any further questions or clarifications.

Can I continue working full-time while going through the program?

The workload varies but averages out to approximately 15 hours a week once candidates become familiar with our learning-to-teach model.

The first six months of the TEACH-NOW teacher preparation certificate program are almost exclusively online and meeting times are scheduled by each cohort according to the group’s availability (typically outside of business hours).

The last three months of the program require 200 hours of practice teaching in a classroom with a supervising mentor teacher. For candidates already in the classroom, this requirement can typically be met through their current teaching assignment.

How much does it cost?

TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education offers affordable tuition for candidates seeking to complete our teacher preparation certificate program or their Master's in Education degree.​

Teacher Certificate Payment Options
  • Full payment of $6,000
  • Initial payment of $800 and 8 monthly payments of $650
Master's Programs Payment Options
  • Full payment of $13,000
  • Initial payment of $1,000 and 12 monthly payments of $1,000
Do you have scholarships or financial aid?

We do not offer scholarships or financial aid at this time but we believe we have created an affordable program and offer an interest-free payment plan.

Do I have to pass any tests in order to get certified?


Like many other states, Washington, DC, which grants your certification upon completion of TEACH-NOW, requires the PRAXIS tests. Arizona has its own certification tests, which are administered by NES/Pearson. If you will be seeking reciprocity in other states, you may need to take additional standardized tests. We are happy to help you figure out any specific requirements for your desired teaching location.

Are there any breaks or holidays during the program?

As an international program and in the spirit of celebrating diversity, no holidays are universally observed. Each cohort and their instructor decide about holidays. There are no penalties for holidays, however arrangements must be made with the instructor and cohort in advance to cover all group and individual activities, as well as to make up virtual class.

There is one program-wide break, winter break, the last 2 weeks of December. Also, due to the timing of clinical practice and school calendars, some cohorts will have summer breaks.

After I complete the program, will I be able to teach in any state?

Each state has its own requirements for granting teaching licenses (also called certification) through its own state Department of Education. In addition, those requirements change regularly and could be different the day you complete the program from the day you apply. Almost every state is relatively easy for us to work with. As of summer 2019, we're unfortunately having difficulty with New York and Colorado so we aren't accepting applications from those states.

Candidates can find this information by searching for this office on the state’s website and then looking for their reciprocity guidelines.

TEACH-NOW will assist candidates throughout the licensure process.

Can I take this program while abroad?

TEACH-NOW has many current candidates living and working abroad.

As long as a student has access to a computer with internet access with a webcam, you can complete the TEACH-NOW program.

Even students without US citizenship can complete the program and obtain a teaching license!